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Hot Auctions Ending Soon – Sealed RPGs, Earthbound Big Box Complete, Starfox Super Weekend

Below you will find a nice collection of auctions that are all ending in less than 24 hours. The bids are burning through people’s wallets and bidders are dropping out. No time for chatter though. Will you make the winning bid?

Ninja Gaiden NES VGA 75+ Silver Sealed – Something here I see often… When a game is sealed by the Video Game Authority, they put it in a case that has a small opening in the bottom for the box to not damage the game. People see this slot and decide to seal the game in a bag. If you win this auction, please take it out of the bag! lol

Lot of Sealed RPGs (PS1) – Wow, quite a few great games here and they are all sealed. Big price tag at the end of this one.

Lot of 95 Xbox 360 Games – There are a few doubles here. Not bad if you don’t mind reselling some.

Earthbound Big Box Complete – There are actually two auctions going on at once for the same thing and both are ending today. If you want this awesome game complete for your collection, watch both auctions close for the final bid

Earthbound Big Box Complete #2 – Here is the auction for the 2nd Earthbound big box.

Starfox Super Weekend Cart – The cart alone and the bids have put it up quite high. Not many of these out there though.

Jack Bros Sealed – The rarest North American Virtual Boy release and it’s sealed. No bids on this one yet and the first bid is a decent price.

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