Arcade Art Atari 2600 Award Japan Import Limited Edition Press Kit Promotional Items

How to Win at Video Games, Skyrim Snow Globe, and Press Kits

Most of the items listed here today are less than $100 which makes for some easy buys if you’re into collecting press kits. There are a few more items of interest added in. The first item for example is a nice little vintage gamer guide which is known to many from the early 80’s!

How to Win at Video Games – This is the more common version of this book (the spiral binding) but it’s still full of all kinds of classic arcade gaming tips. Even if you don’t play seriously anymore, it’s a nice look at an amazing age in video games and a lot of fun to look through.

Activision Chopper Command Award Letter – This letter would be sent to gamers who sent in their high scores to Activision. There were many games that offered a chance to earn a patch but this particular letter is for an award for getting 10,000 points on Chopper Command. The patch itself is not included but they aren’t too hard to find if you watch for it for a while.

Square-Enix E3 2007 Press Kit Disc – Only the disc but it’s full of art and screenshots for upcoming games from that time. Some of the titles featured are some spin off titles from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series as well as The Last Remnant and Front Mission.

Nintendo E3 2003 Press Kit – The press kit intact. 2003 wasn’t a very interesting time for Nintendo (at least not for me) but it’s a nice addition to most any Nintendo collection.

Sony Online Entertainment E3 2007 Press Kit Disc – The content on this disc is all over the place. Several games including a couple of Everquest expansions and some movies as well such as Kung Fu Hustle.

Sega E3 2002 Press Kit – This is kinda interesting if you think about it. The Sega Dreamcast was discontinued in early 2001 which makes this a press kit from Sega right after if stopped making hardware for their games.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 Limited Special Package – This limited edition of Space Channel 5 Part 2 includes a set of headphones and a pouch.

Skyrim Snow Globe – I wish this was big enough to be able to show a dragon with finer detail. Also keep an eye on the shipping costs here.

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