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Huge Game Collections – Castlevania, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid

Taking a look through my watch list I saw a common theme so I decided to bundle up all the large “uncommon” lots that you normally don’t see on eBay. We always see “HUGE NES LOT” or “NINTENDO LOT” and so forth. But, you rarely see the lots that I’m about to show you. You’re probably thinking whats up with the thumb pic; it’s supposedly an official Resident Evil Raccoon City Police Helmet licensed by Capcom. I’ve never seen it before but lets move on to the first lot:

I thought this was something you don’t see everyday. I was looking to see what’s in this lot and the sellers got the nice Game Boy ADVANCE SP Limited Edition Zelda Pack complete but not sealed. Those fetch some serious cash, but the rest of the stuff in the auction is brand new. One of the Link to the Past games are listed as *Ultra Rare* because it’s the “Canadian French Version”. Perhaps it’s a misconception but if anything, the Canadian French version of any game decreases the value. Anytime I’ve seen someone from this region selling a very rare sealed game, I always see in the “question/response”, “is this the US version?”, in which that version never sells as much as the US version. It’s the notion that what you don’t speak is not of value to you. Not many people speak French in North America(except some selected cities in the US and Canada). So a rule of thumb, the US version of a sealed game is always of greater value. But, other than that the rest of the games are the US version, and I have to say this is one of the most impressive sealed game lots I’ve ever seen. Is the price justifiable? I’ll let you decide 🙂

Check out the insane Legend of Zelda Sealed Games Lot

Other Rare Game Lots:

Castlevania Game Lot Large Castlevania collection – “Sadly it’s come time for me to part with my beloved Castlevania collection which has taken me over 10 years to put together. Here is a great opportunity to instantly accumulate a fantastic group of items, several of which are extremely hard to find. I personally know at least one diehard collector who has been looking for some of these items for years without success”. I agree, some very rare versions of the game in here. But it’s always sad to read that someone is letting go of their game collection…

Dragon Quest / Warrior – Every Game in the Series

King’s Quest BIG Collection Sierra Online
Sierra Online Massive Collection

Neo Geo – Saturn – Jaguar Mixed Merchandise – Check out this auction

Biohazard Resident Evil Collectors Lot – Pretty insane lot

Metal Gear Solid Collection With Rare Promos – Awesome lot! Reserve not met yet, however, he’s got the Foxhound Fossil watch!! Uber Rare!

R.P.D HelmetR.P.D HelmetR.P.D Helmet

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Kenji
    Oct 24, 2010

    Those are some insane collections. Resident Evil one must have cost the guy a fortune.

    Love the King’s Quest one. Maybe I should submit an offer.

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