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Huge Nintendo Promo Lot & Secret of Mana Poster

You don’t see much merchandise for Secret of Mana, and that’s because there wasn’t much made for the game! So when I see an auction that shows something else other than a SoM game or guide I’d like to post it.

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. I can remember everything about the game; from the first time I’ve seen it in video stores, to the first time I played it, all the way through to the end of the game. It was really a magical time for me, and I’m certain many of you know what I mean by that. Some games just have the power to bring you back and these were one of those games.

Anyways, I thought this pull out poster was cool. Well it’s not really suppose to be a pull out as you had to rip the pages from the magazine, but you can still use it as a poster :). I’m trying to figure out which magazine this is from, but I’m guessing either Nintendo Power or GamePro. It’s still a nice buy.

Cick here for Secret of Mana Poster

Huge Nintendo Promo Lot

Huge Nintendo Promo Lot

Boy this is a lot of stuff. Is it worth the prize? One can argue, but for you resellers there’s enough here to resell for you to break even so I don’t believe you can do worse than that! There is a “best-offer” in the auction so try your luck!

Included in the auction are a ton of stuff. Here is the list:

3 Donkey Kong Material Bags
3 Bowser Material Bags
10 Yoshi Material Bags
10 Mario Material Bags
2 scribblenauts promo cap covers (plushy head gear)
3 Mario Kart DS / DS Poster paper Bundles
4 DS hats (baseball style)
6 DS shirts (3male, 3 female) sizes in photos
5 Kirby Promo balls
XL res evil dark side chronicle shirt
5 DS lanyards
32 Wii lanyards
1 Phantom hourglass Zelda animation cell
5 NINTENDO button sets DS style
1 Button set DK and Mario and Wii
4 Pokemon platinum figures
2 Pokemon soulsilver figures

The rest of the stuff is stuff Nintendo gave to promote third party
games on their system but are not Nintendo specific. See

If you use the “buy-it-now” the seller said he would throw in a free Legend of Zelda – Link Bobble Head which he says has a $100 value.

Auction for Huge Nintendo Promo Lot

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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