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Illusion of Gaia Heat Sensitive Magic Image Promo Coffee Mug Cup

RPG games on the Super Nintendo were all top quality games. Rarely was there an RPG that didn’t cut it on the SNES. Illusion of Gaia was one of those games that are the top with Squaresofts best sellers. It was an exceptional game and definitely holds a special place in my SNES days. Over the years of looking through the video game section on eBay I’ve seen many Illusion of Gaia items from the rare t-shirts to game magazine promos and the actual game VGA graded. But that was about it! Nothing else popped up until now. One seller on eBay is selling an original Illusion of Gaia Cofee Mug. The cool thing about this mug is that it has a heat-sensitive image on the side of it that showcases the gods. It’s a real cool effect especially for something back in the early 90’s.

Click here for Illusion of Gaia Heat Sensitive Magic Image Promo Mug

The price is reasonable at $100 and definitely something every Super Nintendo RPG collector should own. I shocked the seller isn’t asking for more but we’ll see if there’s still any demand for something like this. I’d love to bid on this item myself but I need to pass for this week. Seller’s auction description below:

“Nintendo RPG fans — here’s an extremely RARE SNES era promo-only item.

Here’s a RARE Vintage Nintendo SNES era Illusion of Gaia — heat activated, image changing magic coffee mug!

This super cool promo mug is in EXCELLENT condition. UNUSED (except for demonstration photo) Brilliant color.

See scans to view how the mug works — magic image appears when hot liquid is poured into the mug! Awesome!

I haven’t seen one of these for sale in quite some time — so don’t miss out.

I require immediate payment via PayPal. Winning bidder to add $12 for expedited shipping and handling in the US.

International shipping may be more. Check my feedback and bid with complete confidence!”

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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