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Illusion of Gaia Shirt, Crash Bandicoot Statue, Killer Instinct Leather Jacket

Today’s post is pretty diverse with collectibles all over the map. I haven’t posted much from Crash Bandicoot and when I saw the jet statue pop up I thought it makes a great fit in here. But first off is this Killer Instinct Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

Killer Instinct Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The last time I saw a Killer Instinct Jacket was years ago and I remember it distinctively because the seller didn’t mention anything about the jackets origin. However, this seller says:”Nintendo had very few of these made as a promo for the SNES launch of the game.” That makes sense, but I always thought this jacket was attainable through Nintendo Power’s merchandise pamphlet. Auctions at $499.95 or best offer:

Killer Instinct Leather Jacket Auction here

Other Video Game Auctions:
Illusion of Gaia T-shirt with box – what the seller means by “with box” is that this t-shirt was part of a “bundle pack” with the Illusion of Gaia game. I found a picture here.
PlayStation Rubber Plastic Wristwatch – seller says that this watch belonged to one of the members of the Korn band, and that they all were given this back in the 90’s. Pretty unique story.
Crash Bandicoot Jet Statue Figure – 13 inch figure from 1999.
999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Watch
Sega Genesis Miracle Piano Complete
Heavy Rain Limited Collector’s Edition

Good Luck!

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