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You read it right ladies and Gentleman…. I’m not screwin around today. In today’s post you’ll find some of the rarest, most sought out video games in collecting to date. We got rarities, oddities and plain straight up crazy items in today’s auction post. I wanted to look deep into the “game” side of collecting since it’s been a while since I’ve done that.

If you magically have deep pockets overnight, then perhaps you might want to take some of these auctions seriously and add them to your watch list as they are about to expire either today or tomorrow. We got some rare Nintendo games like Flintstones surprise at dino peak, Action 52 Complete in Box, Bubble Bobble Part 2 and more! I also spotted a nice Duck Tales Remastered Gold Cart that people were asking $10,000 for in it’s initial release (mind you, it wasn’t for sale, you had to enter a contest for it).

As well, we got your obscure items as well so please check out the list below! I promise you’ll find something interesting!

Rare Game Auctions:
Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Shampoo Bath Game RARE Kids Choice 1998 10 Fl Oz Gaming
Street Fighter Chun-Li Emerald City Comic-Con 2010 Limited Edition Print #1/250
Mega Man 15th Anniversary Cloth Wall Scroll
Squaresoft Chrono Cross Promotional Clock
Final Fantasy VII Collector’s Edition Prepaid Phone Card (Best Buy Exclusive) – These never show up with the back card!
Lunar Key Chains! Complete Set! SEALED and ULTRA RARE!!! – Wow, never seen a full complete set. Incredibly rare! Seller says: “Up for auction is the complete set of six key chains from the Lunar video game for the Sega CD, Playstation, and Saturn. The only way to get these was from vending machines in Japan so completes, sealed sets are incredibly rare. You get Alex w/ Nall, Luna, Althena, Dark Althena, Hiro w/ Ruby, and Lucia. All six are sealed and in excellent condition.”
Five Nights At Freddy’s Toy Freddy Mask – For Halloween folks!
Toy Bonnie Mask Five Nights At Freddy’s FNAF
Nintendo Promo 1990 Press Kit E3 CES Employee Promotional Binder Display Vintage
Extremely Rare Kingdom Hearts Vending Machine Display from Japan
Final Fantasy VII 7 Carddass Masters Gold Promo CardsThanks Pedro!
Genuine 1992 LITTLE SAMSON Game Cartridge RARE NES NTSC Authentic Original US
2013 PROMO NINTENDO NES DUCKTALES REMASTERED GOLD PRESS KIT CAPCOM FROM TIMEWALK – 2013 promotional Nintendo (NES) Ducktales Remastered Gold Press Kit  lunchbox from Timewalk. This kit is an artist proof, 150 limited edition press kits. The promo Ducktales kit, commissioned by CapCom from Timewalk Games, contains a special  gold-colored NES cartridge of the Ducktales NES game, fun promotional items and packed in a special Ducktales metal lunchbox loaded with US shredded money.
Flintstones surprise at dino peak NES
Action 52 (NES 1991) CIB complete with sticker & styrofoam 9 pieces Nintendo
NES Nintendo snes zelda super nintendo system NEAR MINT CONDITION 100% COMPLETE
Bubble Bobble Part 2 (Nintendo, NES) Cart Only – Authentic – Cleaned – Tested
Star Fox Zero Limited Edition Fox McCloud Stone 8″ Statue Free Shipping
Naughty Bear Statue! Killer Bear XBOX 360 PS3. Ultra Rare. Video Game Collector

Good luck!

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#neogeo #finalfantasy #action52

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