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Insane Video Game Auction Prices!

Alright, we all know that some video game collectibles can be over-priced, for example, the Nintendo Entertainment System that was selling for $100,000 or the Super Mario Tooth Brush for $80,000. These prices can be exaggerated but who are we to say? Maybe there’s something there that we all don’t see? Maybe the item is in fact rare with only 5 in existence! It all comes down to doing your own due diligence and finding out all you can about the item.

With all that said, I found some video game auctions that definitely need a second look! Are some of these items rare? And even if they are rare is the price justified? Just because something is rare does not mean the item will sell for the asking price. It all comes down to supply and demand.  Maybe I can explain in my own terms how I interpret the inflated prices on ebay. In extremely simple terms, for those who took Micro/Macro Economics you’ll know the equilibrium price is at the intersection of supply & demand functions. If you shift the demand curve lower, the price lowers.


If you shift supply lower, price increases. In other words, price depends on both. Depending on the good, the amount of supply that you’d consider rare depends on the demand. So for example, is an NWC cart priced at $50,000 justifiable? We all know that a NWC cart is rare, but if there’s no demand for the cart despite it being limited, especially at the price of $50,000 is it really worth that? Value is in the eye of the beholder, but with regards to economics, how much is something worth that you cannot sell? Highly subjective topic, nonetheless quite interesting the more you think about it. In the end of the day sellers can price their auctions however they want. Check out these expensive video game collectibles!

Ultra RARE Nintendo 64 Pikachu PAL BOXED Console – BRAND NEW OZ SELLER! NEW NEW
Zelda Statue Lot (Perfect Collection)
NEO GEO AES Shock Troopers 2nd Squad EXTRA RARE
DARIUS ALPHA Mint Condition PC-Engine Hu PCE Grafx Import JAPAN Game 2801 pe
super nintendo snes Illusion of Gaia sealed VGA 90+ new complete !! Mint!!!
Resident Evil Biohazard Extremely Rare Nemesis 925 Silver Ring Capcom
Sony PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition 500 GB Gray Console Unopened PS4
Super Mario Bros RPG 1995 Boshi Yoshi & Mushroom Plush Jap Import Nintendo SNES
OMEGA RARE Rockman Soccer Super Famicom Promo Poster Megaman Nintendo SNES
Secret of Mana Poster Official Squaresoft Super Nintendo 1993 Nintendo Power
Nintendo Game Boy Store Display Kiosk
Medal of Honor Rising Sun extremely rare Book Artbook

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