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Intellivision System Catalog, CAPCOM VS SNK & More!

Not much to show in terms of rarity, but nevertheless these are interesting auctions.

Ugly Mario Vintage Toy 1980’s – In this exception…..this is where ugly is the new beautiful

Intellivision System Catalog -what I like about old catalogs is that you get to see the merchandise that was available back then, and sometimes you might even find some awesome merchandise that you never knew existed!

I thought this was really cool, especially for gamers who are into fighting games. CAPCOM vs SNK character illustration cards!

Donkey Kong Jr Table Top Arcade Game

Resident Evil Limited Leather Jacket – I’ve seen this on YJA before, so perhaps its the same seller from there advertising it on eBay. There’s no pictures of the tags so I can’t judge if this is official

Q*Bert Homemade Blanket – lots of love was put into this blanky. unofficial btw

Good Luck!

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