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Intellivision – Unopened 1981 Boxed System + 12 Complete Games

Something I always find interesting is when something in the world of video games which is more than 20 or 30 years old shows up on eBay unopened and never played. Recently, while checking around the various auctions on eBay, I found something very interesting… There’s an unopened Intellivision from 1981 which also includes 12 games complete with original boxes, manuals, and controller overlays! (overlay missing for Armor Battle)

The Intellivision was an odd semi-success. With it’s release, it looked as though it was on it’s way to take down the popular Atari 2600! Many systems were sold and the buzz was everywhere. The reason for this great start was due to the promise of a keyboard add-on that would turn the Intellivision into an affordable home computer with near limitless ability!


The keyboard was delayed for so long while it was being developed, that the Federal Trade Commission stepped in to go after Mattel to investigate possibilities of fraud! After all, if a company was to promise a future product that doesn’t exist in order to sell something else; this would be criminal. After many threats, the ECS (Entertainment Computer System) was released. This wasn’t the original powerful Intellivision keyboard that was originally promised, but still pretty cool.

If you would like to own this great piece of video game history, please check out the auction linked below!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • kenji
    Jan 02, 2011

    Wow that commercial is so retro. Anytime I’m in a flea market I ALWAYS see the intellivison for sale. Having one sealed is very impressive… nice find.

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