Donkey Kong Factory Sealed Famicom Japan Import Limited Edition Super Famicom 2

Japanese Imports – Crazy, Rare and Weird

Japan is quite possibly the purist concentration of creativity on the planet. From movies to cartoons to video games; Japan has always been distinct. Here are some rare and amazing items from the wonderful land of Japan…

Gradius (Archimendes Version) – From what I’ve heard, the story behind this cartridge is that someone by the name of Archimendes (who was the owner of some ramen noodle company) was involved in making this altered version of Gradius. Enemies, power-ups and possibly sound have been changed. This cartridge is also very rare and is very much sought after by Famicom collectors…

Donkey Kong 3 (Silver Box) – The title may be common and the box may seem normal, but this silver boxed Donkey Kong 3 is one of the rarest Famicom games in existence.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 (with Space Michael Jackson) – Some people may remember the “Space Channel 5” series on Dreamcast during it’s brief lifetime. But, not many knew that the King of Pop himself made an appearance. This rare instalment of the series features MJ himself! Try to think of any other game besides Moonwalker that has Michael Jackson in it… Can’t think of one? Well, this may be the one and only…

Konami Air Bag Boxing Controller – Wow, look at this thing. Imagine playing with this as a kid! A punching bag that reacts with the game you are playing… only in Japan is such fun sold.

Famicom (New in Box) – Here it is… The box that began an age that changed the world! This original Famicom is in it’s original packaging and is in perfect condition. In the words of the great Indiana Jones, “It belongs in a museum!”

Super Famicom (New in Box) – Not happy with owning just the Famicom new in the original box? Well here is the Super Famicom in the same condition…

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  • Riku
    Aug 10, 2010

    Wow great post! Never knew Michael Jackson was in another video game. The video is HILARIOUS!

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