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Japanese Nintendo Entertainment Sign Vintage

Well, I am kind of screwed for the next couple of days. My ebay account that I use for this site needs more verification for ebay so they put a temporary hold on my account. I have a lot of drooling items on that account that are ending so I’m a little disappointed. It will take a couple of days to fix what happened but for the meantime I remembered some of the items on my watch-list 🙂

Nintendo Japan Sign

As Indiana Jones said in the Last Crusade…. “This belongs in a museum!“….

I actually own this sign and I love it to death! Bought it 3 months ago for $150 so this is definitely a pricey auction. Anytime I have someone come over to my house that never seen this sign before, I hold it up for them and ask them what do they think it says? 🙂 they could NEVER guess that it says Nintendo Entertainment on it.

This is a beautiful collector’s item and ANYONE that was brought up in the 80’s playing Nintendo as their first console should definitely own this sign. It’s as vintage as it gets and the seller says it was used in toy store’s in Japan back in the 80’s. Seller also says: “It will take you back to the good old days”!

Click here for Nintendo License Plate Antique Signboard Sign Japan NES

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CLICK HERE to buy this!

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