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Jumbo Nintendo Coffee Table

Even though this Jumbo Nintendo Coffee Table is unofficial, are you gonna wait for Nintendo to release something like this? It wouldn’t be practical, and I am sure they will feel a little silly putting a $200 price tag just for shipping alone. However, eBay seller mattcyborgelt is selling a Nintendo coffee table right now on eBay, and I am sure there are plenty of interested folks.

I am not sure if he is the same seller who was selling the giant NES controller, but imagine having this Console table with the giant NES controller table……it would be insane! This table actually has a drawer where you can store your games or controllers.  Seller says: “I am selling another Nintendo Coffee Table. It took me a few weeks to build in my garage. Its made out of Medium-density fiberboard, painted and lacquered with a few coats. The front of the console features an opening cartridge slot lid in which you can store your TV remote controls or video game controllers. The controller ports on the face are working electrical outlets so you can charge your laptop or phone. The power button actually pushes in, and the power LED lights up. The back of the console pulls out like a large drawer perfect for video game or movie storage. I am selling this one to help fund my next project which will be the most expensive thing i will have made.”

If you’re interested in checking this auction out, click here for Nintendo Coffee Table.

The seller also made a video of this table which is on Youtube. Check it out below:

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Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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