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JVL Encore iTouch HD2

Have you ever played video Poker? Sitting in a bar with several empty bottles taking up the small cramped space next to the machine throwing away dollar after dollar?? Well, I haven’t, but it’s a big business for sure… But, here’s the evolution of the product: the JVL Encore. This HD system plays music and contains a library of addictive games playable with the full 22″ touch screen. It’s actually very very cool. If you own a bar, I highly recommend getting one. If you have the cash, why not have one at home? Check it out…

One of these beasts is available on eBay factory sealed. It’s priced near $1000 under retail. There’s also an upgrade kit available which is priced quite high, but if you’re using this for your business, the price is worth it once your system isn’t collecting as it used to.

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  • Kenji
    Oct 13, 2010

    Pretty cool, if I had a bar I would definately get one. I think I remember seeing these in some bar I went too. Cool concept thats for sure. $1000 is not a bad investment.

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