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Kemco NES Prototypes,Hacker International Famicom Games,Virtual Boy Flash Boy

I got some nice video game auctions to unload from my watchlist. I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning so I won’t have time to cut through all the details for each auctions, but nonetheless they are worth mentioning on VGA. For the prototypes, I’m not sure how much they are worth. With any collectible there’s no real fixed price except for what the hardcore collector will be willing to pay. Price can really vary. Best bet would be to run them on regular auction and just to be safe add a “reserve price” or start the bid at a reasonable price so you motivate collectors to bid on them. As for the Hacker International Famicom games, yes they were first released on the Famicom as the system probably had more pirate XXX games than the entire NTSC NES collection! Then Panesian released three titles to the US which is why you might not be familiar with HI. You’ll notice the box is a VHS-style case, most likely because they were sold next to VHS porno videos. So whats the difference? Not too much other than the box art and Japanese dirty talk ;). Enjoy!

Kemco North & South Prototype test NES Cart Nintendo
Kemco Rescue Embassy Missions Prototype NES Cart
Kemco Rocket Ranger Prototype test NES Cart Nintendo
Thanks to **David for the submissions!

Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer System console CIB
Final Fantasy 7 VII Crisis Core Factory Sealed
Donkey Kong 64 Brand New Console Sealed
Incredible Atari 2600 Lot – Out of control, Lochjaw, River Patrol, Wall Ball

HOT SLOTS Nintendo Nes Famicom
PEEK A BOO POKER Nintendo Nes Famicom Version

Virtual Boy Flashboy Plus – “The FlashBoy is a very easy, fast and inexpensive way to test your homebrew projects on real hardware. Also, you can store all your original games safely in their boxes and just load the ROMs to the FlashBoy to play, or play all those rare games you just can’t afford to buy.” (source)

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  • Kenji
    Aug 27, 2011

    The FF VII Crisis Core Sealed PSP is a nice buy, it also comes with tons of bonus stuff from the seller… but I don’t know if the sealed cd is official by Digicube or a bootleg. I didn’t see it clearly.

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