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Killer Instinct Leather Jacket, World of Warcraft Original Map Poster, Signs, Coin, and more

With yesterday’s auctions being so expensive, today I decided to keep everything under $100. Some are simply at low bids for the moment, but that’s often where you can get great deals. Auctions that go unnoticed up to the end and someone grabs the buy with a low bid that wins. Easy buys today folks…

Donkey Kong Bowl – Many gamers (myself included) hold onto their childhood video game experiences as some of the greatest memories ever and relive them by playing the classics. How about waking up one Saturday morning, having a bowl of cereal using your vintage Donkey Kong bowl and then starting up a new game on one of the many classics in your collection? lol… or maybe that’s just me.

World of Warcraft 2-Sided Map Poster (Vanilla) – For those who don’t know the term “vanilla” for games, it refers to the original version of the game. World of Warcraft, over the past four expansions and countless patches, has changed a lot. This poster is the map as it was before all the changes.

Nintendo Signs (3) – Three signs are included in this auction. They appear to be in good shape. The seller mentions that they were on display in their store for 9 years and now they are up for grabs.

Zelda Twilight Princess Master Sword & Shield Replica – We have all seen this now and then. The current bid however is $5.

Killer Instinct Leather Jacket – This jacket looks great and it’s hard to think of a place where you wouldn’t be out of place while wearing it. Maybe a live game tournament? Then you would be badass lol…

Playstation Sign – The near perfect condition of this sign may make you wonder how it was stored. But, if you look at what the seller has written (and their other items), you will see that they make them custom. Their work is very impressive and they can make any custom sign requested. Seriously nice work…

World’s Fair 1982 Video Expo Ms. Pac-Man Coin – A neat little promo token. It’s a simple addition for arcade collectors.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Ga-Ko Alarm Clock – The clock doesn’t come with the original box and the seller has wisely adjusted the price for this reason (mainly bid-wise). The result is a nice buy for anyone wishing they had this on a shelf with their other collectibles.

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