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Killing Time PC, Turbo Grafx 16 Bomberman Hat, Halo Standee

Good morning VGA readers. Going to unload my watch list on a 2 part post. So let’s get this started:

The first auction I’m going to touch on is Killing Time for the PC. The game was originally released for the 3D0 Panasonic, which was a great system by the way. I was lucky enough to own one. I remember seeing a game in a magazine that looked incredibly violent and scary. It was Killing Time. The game is unique for it’s time, especially coming to the 3D0 console where acting in games was common. The human element is what gave the game realism. If you want to check out more see a youtube video of it’s game play. It has a hint of Doom in it. The good thing about this auction is it’s for the PC so I don’t need to go and buy a 3D0 again, although I will eventually.

The next auction is for the Turbo Grafix16 Bomberman Hat. This was a Turbo Duo Promotional hat given out to promote Bombermans release on the Turbo Grafix 16 console. Bomberman is on the front of the hat and you have “DUO” written on the back. It was a nice step for the Turbo Grafix console to acquire Bomberman in it’s line up of games. Nice hat for historical gaming purposes.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Resident Evil Dead Aim Billboard – All the R.E billboards seem to come from Great Britain?

Halo 3 GIANT Promo Banner – Oh I would so love to get this for my game room. Looks so nice.

Original Xbox Halo Standee – Wow an original Halo mini Standee! I remember the first time seeing Halo for the Xbox at a gaming store where I live… It caught my eye, the action was so intense, the graphics were gratifying. So I bought it :). I’m going to keep a close eye on this one.

Gears of War Toy Lancer – This is really cool. I’ve held these, although it’s plastic it’s pretty heavy. They have a gold version which was only released in Great Britain.

Snatcher for Sega Cd – This is complete and only $100 bucks. I know it seems like a lot but they sell for over $250 complete and in this condition. Go do a search on eBay and you’ll see resellers selling this HIGH.

Impressive PS2 RPG Game Collection – This is incredible, look at all the titles. To buy these individually you’ll spend over $500+. Auction is at $100 with a day left. I suspect this to jump to $350-450. Anything lower is a steal.

Famicom Lot of 116 Games – Awesome! No doubles. $51 with 4hrs left.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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