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Kingdom Hearts Figure Display Japan, Mega Man 5 figures and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have a bunch of cool auctions and a few submissions from Nightram over at Videogamemm.com. Nightram shined some light on auctions being held by Kefkasdomain who is notorious for having rare collectibles, but at insane prices. You can take his fixed listings with a grain of salt, but he does have auctions up that are ending in 9 days so have a look at some of those goodies. I also stumbled on the Super Mario Kart 3d store display ending in 2 hrs so don’t miss out! See everyone tomorrow.

Video Game Auctions:

– Chrono Cross Phone Cards Squaresoft 1999 Serge Kid Lynx Art Cover PlayStation PS

– Super Mario World GOOMBA Nintendo Plush Vic-Tokai UFO Plush Toy Figure Wii RARE

– Super Mario Kart, Super Nintendo, 3D Store Display

– Super Mario Cushion Hat Banpresto Japan Nintendo Wii U Luigi

– Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis Comic Set 20th Anniversary Set Mint

– Super Mario World Bullet Bill 1991 Banpresto Plush Toy Figure Nintendo SNES Wii

– Ghost and Goblins Kite Toy Japan Nintendo NES Makaimura

– Kingdom Hearts Mini Display Keychains Character Disney Donald Sora Squaresoft

– Sony PlayStation Signed Original Console Autograph SCEA Holy Grail RARE System

– ROCKMAN 5 TOY FIGURE SET * CIB * Famicom Japan nes Mega Man Dr. Wiley Napalm Man

– Complete set Rockman 8 MegaMan Capcom Promo Metal PIN BADGE BROOCH 7-Eleven Rare

– Final Fantasy VIII Bandai Extra Solider Action Figures Boxed Set

– MYST Island Map PC Game 17.75″ × 19.75″ Poster

– Vintage 1988 Nintendo SUPER MARIO BROS. Red Cap Plastic Lunchbox Thermos

– Vtg Donkey Kong Pauline 1981 Toy Coleco Un-Opened punched Nintendo Great Cond

 New Nintendo Super Mario – Yoshi Drawstring Carry Bag

– Blood of the horde world of warcraft collectable stein

– Nintendo 64 N64 Video Game Super Mario Bros Flicker Lenticular Watch MUST SEE

– 1997 Nintendo 64 Flying SUPER MARIO Bean Bag Character 6″ Plush Doll

– Nintendo Power “Get With It Kit” Trapper Keeper via 1989 Factory Sealed

 Halo Recon Helmet – Custom Cast w/ Gold Visor & Face Mask

– Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Lighted Sign with bonus item

– The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time pocket watch Nintendo Power

 Ultra Rare GHOSTBUSTERS Wrist Game With Original Packaging By Nelsonic Working

– Ultra Rare GHOSTBUSTERS Wrist Game With Original Packaging By Nelsonic Working

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