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King’s Quest Lithograph, StarCraft Autographs, God Of War 3 Autograph, Panzer Dragon Music Box, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid and much MORE!

What a line up I have today for you gamers. Some really nice finds, in fact some are so rare it hurts to even see such items for auction, how someone out there can even part with them. Some of those are steals, while others are genuinely priced high, and rightfully so. I have a nice blend of new and old, console and pc, action and rpg auctions. Get your eBay watchlist ready because you will be keeping an eye on some of these gems:

Incredible! King’s Quest VI “Lord of the Dead” Lithograph. The image is done by artist John Shroades and was produced as a lithograph circa 1992 in a limited edition of 450 and sold through the San Francisco Art Exchange. This is number 347/450. It is enclosed in the original glass frame measuring 34 X 27 inches. King’s Quest VI Lithograph

What a rare KQ collectible… really… “Girl in the Tower” is a song from the soundtrack of the computer game King’s Quest VI. Mark Seibert wrote the song in 1992. The song is a love ballad between two of the game’s principal characters, Prince Alexander and Princess Cassima. Accordingly, the song elaborates upon Seibert’s “Princess Cassima’s Theme” from the King’s Quest V soundtrack. “Girl in the Tower” was digitally recorded, with Ron Delarm on guitar and Bob Bergthold and Debbie Seibert performing vocals. The vocal version of the track plays only in the CD-rom version of King’s Quest VI, although even this was remarkable in 1992.

When King’s Quest VI was first released on floppy disc, a pamphlet was included with the game listing various radio stations to which the song had been sent. Buyers were encouraged to call in and request that the song be played, but this campaign was unsuccessful. Listen to the Ballard below:

Hmmm… not my style… but the cd itself is RARE! Click here to make an offer King’s Quest VI “Girl in the Tower” CD.

You have here 2 StarCraft posters signed by the development team. It’s authentic and out of this world! First StarCraft poster is signed in 2007 at Blizzcon, the second poster is StarCraft 2 signed by the dev team.

This is a beautiful Panzer Dragoon Music Box made by Sega. It’s authentic, it’s rare, it’s truly a hidden gem. It’s in excellent shape and comes with it’s original box. Buy the Panzer Dragoon Music Box here.


Here is a neat Zelda preprinted autograph by Shigeru Miyamoto. Would be really nice in a frame. This comes with a nice Nintendo certificate. Place a bid here!.


A great find, but a tad too expensive for a signed copy. Besides the ridiculous price it’s amazing to have this signed by Yuji Hori , the creator of the Dragon Warrior franchise. Really is an incredible signing but unfortunately the price is “out of this world” and even if it went for auction it wouldn’t sell for the true value of this gem. Work out a deal with the seller for his Dragon Warrior VII Signed $10,000. Check out the auction as he goes more into detail about this piece.


This is an R-Type spaceship model import from japan. The detail is amazing. Click here to buy the R-Type 1/8 Scale Model.

    Other GREAT auctions DON’T MISS THESE!

KINGDOM HEARTS II Play Arts Sora Final Form Figure $150

Nintendo Zelda Store Sign Display $15 – 1 day 13hrs

Nintendo Zelda Pin NEW!! $5 – 5 days

Sega Poster Vintage $6 – 8hrs

Super Mario Vintage 80s Stickers $10

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Magic Slate $20 – 3days

Super Mario 80s Mug $25

Super Mario Trophies 3 $10 – 6 days

Super Mario Sun Catcher for car $24

Super Mario Thermo and Lunch box $10 – 1 Day 10hrs

Nintendo Koopa Pin $5 – 5 days

Super Mario pin Vintage $5 – 5 days

Tetris Tengen COMPLETE $50 – 1 day 10hrs

Dragon Warrior IV NES Map Poster $10 – 1 day 9 hrs

Legend of Zelda Nintendo NES Map Cheap!! $10 – 1 day 9 hrs

Nintendo Power Issue #1 MINT $35 – 13 hrs

BEAUTIFUL BlizzCon 2005 *RARE* Limited Edition Laser-Etch Poster $550 or Best Offer

$50 – 9 days

*CHEAP* Link to the past SNES Poster $5 – 5 days

Counter Strike Poster *Sweden* $.01 – 4 days

Gears Of War 3 Anya Stroud Poster E3 $9 – 4 days

Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 Statue $60

Final Fantasy VII Figure Set mint $140

Final Fantasy VII Versus guide + Game $140, this is a decent price for both. the guide still has the poster!

Final Fantasy VII Y-Fold Sealed!!!!!! $599.99. Has a small sticker top right. Ask the seller for a deal.

Mortal Kombat Trading Card – SIGNED BY D, Pesina! $.99, signed by the Pesina who plays the character Johnny Cage in the original Mortal Kombat.


Super Adventure Island ST Yuzo Koshiro autographed $99 or best offer


God of War III Ultimate Edition PS3 SIGNED BY JOE GATT $399.99 or best offer


Resident Evil 5 Cel Nice $5 buy it now!

Big Boss PSP with Hideo Kojima signed Peace Walker case $800 – 6 days

Metal Gear Solid Hideo Kojima Signed Ps3 $1500 – 4 days

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • ryan
    Jul 19, 2010

    thanks for the great search. i never knew some of these items even existed

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