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King’s Quest VI Framed Lithograph Signed Roberta Williams and More!

Good morning VGA readers. We have some really cool auctions today. There’s a bunch of signed ones from Keiji Inafune, Charles Martinet, and Roberta Williams. I also like the punch out hand held toy which I haven’t seen before, maybe slipped my radar. For the King’s Quest Lithograph, it’s priced to compete at $2,100, the other one on eBay is at $3500 so a chance to snag it for less. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– Dota2 Microplush Set Of 10 With 1 Code, No Wizard

– New lot of 2 Ascii PAD FT (Dream Cast)

– Vintage Tomy Waterful Pac Man Water Toy Pac Man Eats Ghosts

– Video Game Buttons – Sega Saturn Lunar Silver Star Commodore 64 Super Mario RPG

– 1980s Pac Mac Throw Rug Floor Rug 48×36

– 1980s Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Handheld Game

– Nintendo Virtual Boy EYE SHADE ! Boxed Japan


– Nintendo 1993 Super Mario & Yoshi Key Chain Figure

– Five World of Warcraft SIGNED Collector’s Editions

– King’s Quest VI Framed Lithograph Signed Roberta Williams & John Shroades #180

– Nintendo SNES Signed, Complete in box with 13 Original Games

– Keiji Inafune Autographed Mega Man 4 Nintendo NES

– Castlevania: Symphony of the Night SIGNED

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