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King’s Quest VI Lithograph, Final Fantasy 8 Music Box and Much More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. The King’s Quest VI Lithograph makes me drool only because I’m a huge PC gamer fan, played them at their peak so seeing this King’s Quest was a big game in my childhood of PC gaming. This seller is notorious for listing his auctions at an extreme price, but like his FF VII music box he had a while back, I WISH I could buy this lithograph. The price is just out of my range. The Final Fantasy 8 music box is an interesting piece because it’s not known if it’s official or unofficial. I tried looking into it and there is no official Squaresoft license on it or reported by Squaresoft so maybe an independent company created it? Well it’s still nice but again, like a lot of things on eBay a tad too expensive for my taste. Enjoy the auctions and the weekend!

Video Game Auctions:


 Final Fantasy VII 7 Cloud VS Sephiroth Cold Cast Model Statue Figure

– Final Fantasy VII Cold Cast Statue Lot! Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith, Tifa! 1997

– 1985 Original Nintendo Store Display Blinking Lights Sign

Snes lot, snes rpg lot,(SECRET OF MANA 2) snes games

– NWC Grey Cart 0165 RARE NES 1990 90 Nintendo world championship SIGNED

– King’s Quest VI 6 Lithograph Signed Roberta Williams Sierra PC Games DOS Windows

– World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Collector Edition WoW

– Nintendo 64 N64 64DD DOSHIN THE GIANT

– Lost Planet Limited Edition Figurine new in box

 Diablo 3 Limited Collector’s Edition NM (NO D3 CD KEY) (PC)

– Dota2 Butterfly Sword Model without In-game Product (Limited 500 in the world)

– Legend of Zelda Poe Mini Figurine Unopened Figure Rare 1998 Ocarina of Time

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