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Korean Sega CD – Samsung Aladdin Boy 2

There have been many versions of the Genesis and the Sega CD, but as far as the Sega CD goes… this is one of the rarest versions. The Aladdin Boy (Genesis) is tough to track down and I haven’t found one for sale recently, but when the Aladdin Boy 2 showed up, I had to let our readers know before it’s gone. There are many Sega fans that wont bother with something like this, but for the elite collectors… this is big. To top it all off, the auction includes all original¬†packaging.

Aladdin Boy 2

Samsung Aladdin Boy 2¬†– There’s no option for sending an in-eBay offer, but the first bid price isn’t off. The crazy thing about thing auction is that the Samsung Aladdin is so rare that most people don’t even know it exists! This means fewer buyers and a chance for a collector to grab up something rare and nearly impossible to find.

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