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Kratos Statue, Nintendo Power Kit, Master Chief Life Size and More

Alright….before I start I want to mention this Metroid II Hanging display that we posted a few days ago. It went for…….. $910! I was watching it to the end, and with the recent sales of some rare Super Metroid items, this Metroid II display wasn’t an underdog at all! I was speechless at the end of the auction, and I could only envision this.

Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Power Mega Man X Pogs Un-Punched Set of 6
Resident Evil 2 Toys Complete
Halo Master Chief Display Life Size – thanks **Joe! This isn’t for pick-up only, seller ships within the US.
Uncharted 2 Press Kit – best-offer
1988 Nintendo Power Super Mario Bros Mini Game Toy
Sideshowcollectibles God of War Kratos Statue – cheapest one on eBay, and it also has no reserve. Currently $187!
1989 Nintendo Power “Get With It” Kit Sealed
Atari Jaguar Ink Pen by Parker – I really like this pen
The Legend Of Zelda Mat 1989 – Keep in mind that there is a tear on the bottom right corner of the mat, but other than that the colors on the illustration still has richness to it.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Joseph
    Feb 02, 2011

    I detect a shill bidding on that hanging display, there’s no way it’s worth that much!!!! It was at $20 with only minutes left! Well, time will tell, if he does receive payment that is “Hall of Fame” material right there! WOW! Remember that last Metroid hanging display?

    It only went for $102. And I thought it was a much cooler product.

  • Kenji
    Feb 02, 2011

    In my opinion $102 is a steal for a title like that on SNES. I know the Zelda “Shield” display from “A Link to the Past” can easily go for over $300.

    As for the speculated shill bidding… It might very well be. It doesn’t make sense how a Gameboy Metroid goes for that much and the SNES Metroid doesn’t? There’s just too many pros for the SNES Metroid display. A jump from $100 to $900… it’s just puzzling but human behavior usually is.

  • Riku
    Feb 02, 2011

    Well anythings possible guys so you never know. But on the same page, I contacted the seller of the Stadium Events that sold for $22k, and she told me that the person who bought the game already received it and was very happy, although there isn’t any exchange of feedback. I do remember her changing the description on the last day saying that whoever win’s to contact her after the auction. So perhaps they arranged to do the transaction outside of eBay.

  • Joseph
    Feb 02, 2011

    Well, that makes sense for the seller to do the transaction outside of Ebay. But it’s always risky for the buyer. Good grief, the fees would be in the hundreds for that!! The fee percent of Ebay is at it’s highest it’s ever been, at 10%! But the percent gets lower the higher the price gets.

  • David
    Feb 03, 2011

    Hey, sorry for the ebay confusion about my Video Game Soundtrack auctions. I decided not to list them this last Sunday since a lot of people will be watching tv on Superbowl Sunday (this coming sunday when the auctions were to end).

    So I am going to list them this coming Sunday evening Feb 6th for sure. 🙂


  • Joseph
    Feb 03, 2011

    Good idea! I’ll be watching for them!

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