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Kratos Statues (Original vs Copy), Nintendo Press Kit, Zelda Skyward Sword Standee

The 17″ Kratos statue that was available on for some time is now sold out and some of them are showing up on eBay of course. There was a Side Show exclusive version that was limited to 550 which included alternate hands for Kratos to be holding the Claws of Hades rather than the Blades of Athena. The standard statue was limited to 1,500. Something very interesting has popped up on eBay though… a 3rd version custom made by Dream 2 Reality Cosplay Fabrication. I’m not sure how legal this is because it’s a %100 copy of the original mold. But, I think I like their chrome version more than the original…

kratos original vs copy

The colorless chrome painted version looks much better in a statue-like way. That’s not to say the original has a bad paint job because it really doesn’t. I guess it comes down to what you prefer to display in your collection. The original limited one carries more value of course.

God of War Kratos Statue (limited 1,500) – This auction ends today and the bids have currently gone just a few dollars over the original price from Side Show.

God of War Kratos Statue (chrome copy) – The copy is selling for the same amount as the original sold from Side Show. It’s not worth much as an investment but if you think it looks as cool I do, you may want one for yourself.

Here are some more auctions for today…

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Standee – A store display for the most recent Zelda game. I’m sure someone is looking to add this to their collection.

Pac-Man Scrap Book – It’s in great shape and a good addition to any Pac-Man collection.

Limited Clear Black N64 Controller (64DD Japanese release) – There are a few limited N64 controllers out there but this one really caught my eye.

Nintendo 1993 Press Kit – A complete binder of promotional info. It would be a great look into where Nintendo was back in 93′.

World of Nintendo Light Sign – There are a couple of these on eBay but they are often (when found) in need of repair or are missing parts. The seller is taking offers on this sign which is in top shape.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Pre-order Set – These items are normally sold on their own but here’s an auction for the full set (game not included). The price is too high and the seller knows it so they are taking offers.

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