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Legacy X Nintendo Limited Edition Shoes, Nintendo Super Famicom Box, and a Joke of an Auction

All of you regular VGA readers are well aware of the pitfalls and problems eBay can sometimes throw at collectors honestly looking for a deal to expand their collection. Shill bidding is an annoying one but it only works if the bid boost raises the next bid at a somewhat acceptable amount to force an interested buyer into paying more. Today’s first auction is a complete joke. I’m only listing it here on VGA for everyone to have a good laugh.

Xbox Live a Decade of Entertainment Headphones – Look at the bid history… lol

Now for some proper auctions:

Nintendo Super Famicom Box – This pre-loaded console is something you would find in Japan during the SNES era.

Legacy X Nintendo Limited Edition Shoes

Nintendo NES box art Ducktales #1 Limited Edition SDCC Exclusive

The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia Limited Edition – Limited to 4000

Donkey Kong 64 with Plastic Case – Looks like a rental case but it’s DK64 dedicated.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Classic NES Limited Edition With Case

iQue Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Mario Edition – Chinese release

Astro Boy Nintendo Game Boy Light Tetsuwan Atom Artwork

Sega Megadrive Streets of Rage Portable Limited Edition Console Sealed – Nice little portable. Worth $1.50?

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