Legend of Mana 1999 Squaresoft Photo Frame, Super Mario Brothers 2 Car Air Freshener and More!

If you’re into old school RPG games then you might want to stop by seller sonkirihayameni ebay store. The seller always has some cool collectibles I’ve never seen before and they are always priced reasonably well compared to US sellers. I’ve made some of my best purchases from sonkirihayameni so definitely want to add them to your favorite sellers list if you’re a big RPG gamer.

With that said, the seller put up a rare Legend of Mana photo from from the good ol’ Squaresoft days. Remember those days when RPG games were amazing? Well if you’re still reading I have some good news. A new company called Tokyo RPG Factory is on a mission, to bring back RPG games like they were in the 90’s. They are coming out which I believe is their first game in a “Chrono Trigger” style game so you might want to check that out.

Anyhow, back to the Legend of Mana frame. Not sure about the details but perhaps it was a promo item or something you could have bought on an online store in JP. Pretty cool item and it’s brand new. Price is not bad at all ($79). Buyer takes it all!

Legend of Mana 1999 Squaresoft Photo Frame

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Good luck!

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