Factory Sealed Mega Man Nintendo (NES) The Legend Of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Collectibles, Neo Geo, Mega Man 2 Sealed

Good morning VGA readers. It’s Easter Monday, a day to spend time with the Family(or play video games!), or if you happen to be working, an easy day at the office. I haven’t done a Zelda search for awhile so let’s see what eBay has to offer during this holiday.

First auction is for a Zelda Game & Watch by Nintendo. The condition of the game is almost new. The art isn’t faded and the game screen looks clean which is why it’s fetching $150 so far. I never really got into Game & Watch when I was younger, but when I did play it I thought it was super cool. Good thing about this auction is it’s complete.

Next auction is for a Zelda Plate and Soup Dish. $100 is not bad considering these go for more or less the same price. Months ago someone listed the complete set but it was brand new! The plate, soup dish, and cup. I never got around to seeing how much it sold for but I think it was one of those ridiculous auctions for $1,000,000.

Other Video Game Auctions:

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