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Good morning VGA readers. Another mix of Super Mario, Zelda, and Signed auctions of course. We also received a few auction submissions from dedicated readers which we always appreciate as we get a different insight on auctions that we normally don’t target. Enjoy the auctions everyone and if you have an opinion post it as we read everything.

Video Game Auctions:

– Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Collectors Edition SIGNED HC book

– Star Craft 2 II Developer Signed Autograph PC Movie Poster Prop New

– The Last of Us Limited-Edition Giclee Print

– Dead Space Shirt Large L SIGNED by the development team

– Official Nintendo Power Iron-on Patch Retail Display 1988

– Nes Nintendo Test Station Mario Zelda Wii Gamecube



– Nintendo Video Game stick-ons (retro 1988) super mario

– Final Fantasy Master Creatures Dark Shiva

– New In Box New York Test Market Nintendo NES R.O.B the robot Promo set

– Nintendo 64 Lot, 60 Games!! Zelda! Mario! Stunt Racer! Beast Wars! Pokemon (Submitted by Matt, thanks!)

European Listings: On behalf of Shoo (Thanks!)

– Final Fight 3, Separation Anxiety, Captain America Carts Super Nintendo SNES PAL

– Donkey Kong Country LIMITED EDITION Game Pak Super Nintendo SNES PAL SCN\

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  • Steve
    Sep 24, 2013

    Uh oh, yet another signed Zelda poster from the same eBay seller… Don’t worry, I won’t make another long thread about it being a fake. Just buyer beware on that particular item, do some research, and you’ll see it’s not what it appears to be.

    I noticed this time around the seller included saying it comes with a “third party certificate of authenticity”, yet won’t say what the company that did it is. So shady. I think he might have read my previous thread where I called him out on it, lol.

    Well, if he does read this again, I’ll just say it will come back to you someday for willingly deceiving people. All that money you made just might end up being used for your court fees, since people have been arrested before on eBay for selling fake autographs. It is a crime. Just look it up, you might be next. 🙂

  • Steve
    Sep 24, 2013

    And on another more positive note, Al Lowe is such a cool guy! I have his autograph on a Pokemon card I had sent to him. Why a Pokemon card? Well, just for fun I’ve been sending those through the mail as a personal project to get celebrities to sign them. They just seem cooler and more unique than a boring old index card. Thanks Al! And LSL: Reloaded is a great remake!

  • kenji
    Sep 24, 2013

    That’s pretty awesome that you have Al Lowes autograph on a Pokemon card. He’s part of Sierra history and I love playing the classic Leisure Suit larry games. Nothing can compare to the times of the Sierra and Lucas arts PC games.

    As for that Zelda autograph, if you genuinely feel it’s a fake, then report the auction to eBay. I’m sure they will review it. Thats one way to stop the dude. Or just send him an email confronting him about it being fake and to prove it’s legitimacy. I honestly didn’t even know it was the same guy, I just saw a nice Zelda poster and thought the viewers would like to see it.

  • Robin
    Sep 24, 2013

    Ironically, I don’t believe you…You know, for all of the reasons you’ve pretty much ever mentioned about this poor seller…You’ve levied some rather serious accusations without much to go on other than anecdotal evidence.

    If I recall, you even went so far as to suggest the signatures were bad because the seller is from Idaho, which automatically meant that’s where it was signed, so it was obviously a fake…Because the seller didn’t get it signed somewhere else or from someone else, perhaps?

    You might feel like you’re doing people a service here, but you’ve really come across as rather mean spirited and somewhat of a “know-it-all.” Wouldn’t it just be just as easy to point out what you see as red flags and leave it at that? Why all the accusations and attitude?

    I mean, look at his auctions: It looks like he has acquired a lot of signed stuff. Would you suggest it’s all fake?

    As “nice” of you it is to provide a FAIR warning to both potential buyers and to the seller, you should receive a fair warning yourself: Be careful in what you say so as to not slander someone else. You might find that making such accusations is as bad as selling items with fake signatures…

  • Steve
    Sep 24, 2013

    Robin, I’m sorry you feel I’m coming across as being mean spirited. That was not my intent. I do sometimes get overly “passionate” when it comes to scams. By all means though feel free to contact this “poor seller” and ask for proof of the signings so it will shut me up once and for all. A picture, event date, anything so I can put the puzzle together and retract my claims and issue an apology. I will publicly issue one here once I have this evidence. My evidence you point out is about as trustworthy as his, yet I have nothing to gain myself from this.

    If you look up autograph collecting website posts concerning eBay, you will see most of what I’ve been pointing out is exactly what they warn against. I’m not a “know it all”, I just do a lot of research and know the warning signs when there are some.

    However, like I mentioned before I do get passionate, and my accusations showed a lot of that. So I will leave it at this to ponder..

    “Those who have nothing to hide hide nothing”.

  • Steve
    Sep 24, 2013

    Kenji, I had to think of something unusual to send Al. I totally agree, nothing beats the old school PC adventure games! I actually just played the Larry series for the first time last year, and I almost couldn’t make it through them because I was laughing so hard. 🙂

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