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Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening VHS Japan Promo WOW!

Good morning VGA readers. It’s a nice Sunday morning here, cool breeze and getting ready to hit the gym to get that blood flowing. Another great day of auctions (I love weekend auctions!). Weekend auctions bring more quality, people like to have their good stuff end on the weekends because it gives the potential for a higher ending bid, and they’re semi-right. I’d like to have my auctions(if I ever list them), end on a Monday or Tuesday night, when work week has begun, and people find themselves looking for things to do and money to spend to fill that void ;), so choose a day that’s probably the most boring is key. Weekend is fine as well, but I find early of the work week best.

Now just to mention the auctions today, I am so PUMPED to have the Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening VHS video promo used in japan on here. I mean what a gem, what a find. Even if I would be looking in Japan on YAJ for this, I wouldn’t find it so easily. In fact in my 10+ years looking on YAJ in the Zelda category, I can’t remember a time I saw this video on there(maybe it slipped my search ability), so this is truly rare, and a great piece of Zelda history to own. The price is fantastic, and if it ends at the current price, id’ be a real shame. Enjoy the post and see you tomorrow!

ps. Check out the COOOOOOL Jaguar Mug 🙂

Video Game Auctions:

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– SEGA Classics Collection – Vinyl LP RARE

– Club Nintendo 4SET!! Folding fan / MARIO CD / Handkerchief / DS Lite Pen Stylus

– New League of Legends LOL Blitzcrank Jacket / Hoodie Size XL w/ Free Gifts

– NEW EXCLUSIVE World of Wargaming PAX 2014 Metal Cork Coaster Set of 4 Swag

– Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening VHS – Nintendo Video Promo Japan Gameboy

– Club Nintendo 5SET!! Luigi DS CASE / Luigi Notes / CASE / DS Touch Pen Stylus

– DotA 2 Vengeful Spirit Golden Demihero [UNUSED GOLDEN TROVE CASK

– Borderlands 2 CD Soundtrack Autographed by Development Team & Composers

– Final Fight Streetwise Promo Fingerless Gloves by Capcom Size Large

– Nintendo Play it Loud! original soundtrack metroid zelda mario star fox music cd

– Super Mario 64 original soundtrack Nintendo N64 game music cd

– The Art of Naughty Dog Limited Edition (Signed by Naughty Dog) Bonus Flyer

– Super Mario Bros Yoshi costume

– Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Objection Foam Finger 3DS

– Square SONY PlayStation Illuminated Logo Sign Store Display Lightup 1995

– Tetris Game Room Sign 8bit Style Nintendo Arcade Video Decor Nerdy Geek Nes Snes

– Authentic Bioshock Infinite Murder Of Crows Vigor Bottle

– The Last of Us Statue of Joel and Ellie and Soundtrack on USB Tape – Rare

– Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3 Poster Set – Club Nintendo

– Zombi U 2GB Syringe USB Drive Nintendo Wii U Factory Sealed, New RARE

– Atari Jaguar promotional coffee mug with color changing eyes

– Old Nintendo Killer Instinct / Super Gameboy Promo 1994

– Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Collector’s Edition Display Base Only

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