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Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons Promo Mug and More

Here’s an interesting item that doesn’t have much background information on it. We have listed auctions from seller cgonlinejames last week; if you recall the Official Castlevania whip, and the rare 10th Anniversary Official Sonic statue which already hit the $400 mark. Reason I put emphasis on the word “official” is simply because this Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons Promotional Mug might come across as being unofficial, or “custom made”. I say this because 1) there’s no documentation about this mug anywhere, 2) there isn’t a Nintendo stamp on it, and 3) it says Thailand on the bottom. Now it would be politically incorrect to deem an item unofficial just because it’s from Thailand, but honestly how many collector items have you seen originate from Thailand?

With that said, it is documented that certain collector items are exclusive to certain regions in the world. Perhaps this was exclusive to a couple of States in the US, or perhaps the seller received this from overseas? It’s not known where this mug comes from but the seller did do his research and says that this is “considered to be an undocumented promotional item by Videogame Memorabilia Museum forum, and it has never come to auction.“. If there’s any place that can smell a fake, it would be VGMM. Just the LOZ knowledge over there is priceless so I would take their opinion anyday. Seller says that the mug was sent out by Nintendo PR to selected journalists. The cool thing about this mug is that one side “stays mostly black until you heat it up, revealing the forest and games logo on it.” From experience, cheap knock offs don’t normally go that far to create a neat feature like that. So far no bids, and the seller put a reserve on it.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Yoshi’s Island DS Limtied Edition Yoshi & Baby Mario Figurine – Currently the starting price is at $200. This is a decent starting price considering these statues sell for $600+ if not more. The statue is 12 inches tall and is hand painted. It’s a beautiful statue to have and just the colors alone are so vibrant that you can’t stop staring at it. If you don’t own one then I would suggest you take advantage of this auction now since these don’t pop up on eBay often.

1990 Brazil Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! Nintendo NES – Here’s an obscure item. It’s Mike Tyson’s Punch out but from Brazil where it’s called “Knock-out!!”. The box art is completely different, and even the cart itself. However, the game play is the same which is a shame. You’d figure that they would replace one of the boxers with someone like Pele ;). Seller says: “This is a private auction for an authentic copy of “Knock-Out!!” (Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!), made and published in Brazil by Falcon Soft in 1990. “Falcon Soft” is one of the many video games companies created by Gradiente (like “Polyvox” in the 1980s, “Playtronic” in the mid-1990s and “Nintendo by Gradiente” in the early 2000s). A complete “Knock-Out!!” like this is nearly impossible to find these days – even in Brazil. So don’t miss it.”
Snow White Limited Edition Playstation 2 PS2 NIB European Version – The Snow White PlayStation 2 is very hard to find. It goes parallel with the Yellow PS2 since the other colors in the series pop up on eBay more often than not. I believe this is the first White PS2 we’ve posted on the site. Current price is set at $514.99. These were also exclusive to Europe so you won’t be finding them on much.
Zelda Limited Edition Oracle of Seasons & Ages – It’s quite fascinating how collectors are willing to pay the price of an item just to say the own it. Good example is this LTD Oracle of Seasons & Ages box set. There’s one bid and it’s at $1,250.00. I have to admit though, the presentation of this box set is like no other. Seller says: “Limited Edition: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons. Official Nintendo Europe release. Beautiful cover art and in good condition (see pic. 10 for scuffmarks). The package has a limited print run of only 500 units, making this one of the most rare Zelda collectibles. This is a nice investment and it’s value will increase over time. This is not just some limited edition, it’s art.”

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  • kenji
    Oct 04, 2011

    Yes I agree if VGMM says it’s a fake then it’s a fake no questions asked.

    Nice find though I will be keeping an eye on this unless I have to battle you or anyone else hehe.

  • Joseph
    Oct 04, 2011

    The Zelda collector’s at VGMM are hardcore, VGMM probably has the best community for any collector. In my opinion, the mug looks official, there is one thing I noticed that may prove it’s legitimacy.

    There are raised Embossed effects on the mug (Like the cliff shelf appearing to pop out at you, and some of the grass, branches and such) This is a very expensive type of making a mug, and I’ve never seen any knockoff video game related mug have these types of designs.

  • Riku
    Oct 05, 2011

    Thanks Joseph, didn’t pay enough attention to notice that! It’s true though, normally knock offs are cheap and the guy behind the creations just wants to get a bang for his buck which means < $ in

  • Nightram
    Oct 05, 2011

    I think the mug is a very obscure press item, but it is very odd for our community to see something, especially Zelda, that we haven’t seen before.
    Not only that, but it is SUCH an odd item. Why the forest? The design of the whole thing is pretty random, but the seller assures us it was a press item back in the day. While it would most likely be very profitable to throw something together like this and try to pass it off as a really obscure and never seen promo item, I’d have to ask why they would go with a mug, and why the two GBC Capcom games. If I was going to fake something, I’d choose LttP or OoT/MM. The seller also has a lot of seriously rare VG items, like the Sonic statue with marble base, so it is totally believable to me that the mug is official.

    One more thing, those unpainted figures aren’t erasers. I have many of these and the plastic is too hard to be a functional piece. It’s just a cheap and easy way of making merchandise for early games that was very common during the Famicom era in Japan.

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