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Legend of Zelda Spencer Ocarina Unofficial, Zelda Plate, Super Mario Collectibles on ebay

I have some GREAT collectibles up for display. Let’s get the shirt out of the way… It’s not a real Nintendo World Championship 1990 shirt but the desgin is OF a NWC 1990 shirt. I know because I have the real NWC 1990 t-shirt that was used during the tournament. This is just a replica but still very nice. I’d like to get it for my wardrobe. The other auctions include a Zelda plate, a Spencer Ocarina, and other cool collectibles worth getting.

Cool Zelda plate is part of a 3 set which includes the soup bowl, drinking cup and the plate. I’ve shown some of these over the past few weeks and they always fetch a high price. It’s one of those Zelda collectibles that really brings out the inner kid in you. I have the plate and the bowl, just need the cup…

Legend of Zelda Plate 1989 Great Condition! Nintendo

This is a BEAUTIFUL Legend of Zelda Replica Ocarina by Spencer. It’s carvings are that of quality, it’s texture is smooth, the sounds just resonate in the ears. It even resembles the Ocarina in Zelda. There’s only one flaw, it’s not official by Nintendo.

“NEW Authentic Special Edition “Ocarina of Time” exclusively from Spencer’s Ocarinas. This is the iconic instrument immortalized in the epic Nintendo title “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. Every detail is there, from the mystical blue glaze to the platinum mouthpiece ring with the golden Triforce inset. The Ocarina of Time features the same patent pending design as all of Spencer’s ocarinas and is a professionally crafted musical instrument as well as a rare collector’s item.

Formed from high quality kiln-fired ceramic, this 12-hole ocarina is precisely tuned in the key of C5 and has a range of A4 – F6. Its 21 chromatic note-range enables you to easily play all of the songs from “Zelda”, as well as any other music. The ocarina comes with a thorough tutorial with history, playing technique and songs, as well as a songbook containing world-famous melodies written with easy to read tabulation. This enables those who do not know how to read music to quickly learn the 12-hole ocarina. “


Hmm… It’s $305 on eBay and climbing with 10hrs left. Is it me or is there something different with the one on eBay versus the one you can buy for $99 from ??

The Legend of Zelda #3 comic Nintendo 1991. Good for the collection.

Legend of Zelda Official Nintendo Link Keychain RARE. These are great to find new and sealed.

Nintendo Power Legend of Zelda Arcade Action game. So cool I want this, to bad the box is in average condition. I can always risk the chance it will be on again and I can just open this one.

Nintendo Trading Cards Set of 6 Cute! 1991. Awesome Nintendo card set.

1990 Iron On Pattern Nintendo Mario 2 Shirt Designs New.

MIRACLE PIANO TEACHING SYSTEM W/CASE NINTENDO 1990 WOW. Now’s my chance to learn piano the good old fashion way 😉

XS Nintendo Party Mario/Bowling Mario Patterns 1990 OOP

NINTENDO CHAMPIONSHIP 1990 MEN’S T-SHIRT SZ SMALL NEW!. Not real but the design is kick ass.

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  • akira
    Sep 05, 2010

    The ocarina comes in an amazing box. It’s good to see that they knew better than to pack it in styrofoam or something.

    Very nice…

  • Kenji
    Sep 05, 2010

    Even though it’s not officially made by Nintendo it’s considered a high quality ocarina and does the job. Despite that I’d prefer the REAL ocarina made by Famitsu bros and licensed by Nintendo, limited to 1000 pieces.

  • Riku
    Sep 05, 2010


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