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Legend of Zelda Trash Can, Mint Mario Phone, Link Life Size Statue

There’s a whack load of rare and interesting auctions on eBay(isn’t that always the case?)! But there’s so many too list I had trouble figuring out which ones to put up here. But I’m sure you will find something interesting below:

Super Mario Fiberglass Statue – Anyone an artist? This would be an awesome project if you’re into painting. I wouldn’t have the patience, but still an awesome piece to have. It’s getting quite the attention! It’s obviously unofficial for you particular collectors.
Gears of War 2 Holographic Poster – Thanks **Joe

Pyramat Game Bag – For $10 with 1 day left, the price isn’t bad.
The Legend of Zelda Vintage Trash Cash – it’s in pretty good shape, and there’s one bidder. Great LOZ collectors item.

Nintendo 64 Trading Card Binder w/ Cards – “listing includes the binder with N64 logo, 18 trading card inserts, which holds a total of 72 cards. This binder also includes some random trading cards that came with issues of Nintendo Power. The game cards include ones from Starfox 64, Mario Kart 64, and Donkey Kong Country. ” Ok…if this ends at the price it’s at right now it’s a steal.

Street Fighter Anniversary Limited Edition AKUMA PS2 Controller – $0.99 no bids
Street Fighter IV 4 Yoshinori Ono Signed Poster

Life Size Link Statue – Please read description because there is some work needed on this piece. Still, for the price it’s at I can spend all day working on it :). Anyone living in Norwich?…You need this

Vintage Super Mario Bros. Telephone in Great Condition – It’s very rare to see this phone complete with box, and on top of that in this kind of condition. I went over my budget for the month, someone should bid on this.
1999 4×1 Nintendo Sign – “Up for sale is a NINTENDO 4’x1′ sign i was givin around 1999. I have Gently taken care of it over the years, though it has succomb to light red paint chipping over the years.

Good Luck!

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  • Joseph
    Feb 01, 2011

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! NORWICH KANSAS!!! I’m like 1 hour away!!!! Oh…… Norwich UK…………….. 🙁 Anyways, that’s a bunch of awesome stuff!! I’ve been needing a trash can for my game room, maybe I’ll get a game themed one 🙂

  • Kenji
    Feb 01, 2011

    Ya I’m keeping an eye on the trash can too, if you really want it I wont bid on it, but I wouldn’t bid more than $25. It’s nice though, would definitely love to have that in my game room.

  • Joseph
    Feb 01, 2011

    Oh, well I haven’t really made up my mind yet. There are many game themed trash cans, and I need to pick which one I want.

  • Kenji
    Feb 01, 2011

    The punch out trash can from this series(the zelda one), was really nice, and in excellent shape… missed out on that deal…

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