Atari Atari 2600 Banner Intellivision Signed

Congo Bongo Mint, ABC to the VCS Signed by Leonard Herman, Atari Cat Box

There’s a bunch of great Atari collectibles that’s just been listed such as an Atari Circa 1982 Computer Banner! It’s not in the greatest condition as I featured one months ago which was in better shape(here), and sold for $85 buy-it-now. This one is up on regular auction with a price tag of a whooping $1.25 so far! These classic Atari banners are from Trade shows back in the early 80’s.

Atari Banner Auction here

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There’s a bunch of other rarities listed below:

Intellivision Congo Bongo Complete – this one is in amazing shape and at $200 so far. A few bumps here and there but nothing major. One of the rarest Intellivision games. Check out the messages:
Q: Hello, How much is’ the cost of shipping to RIMINI 47924 ITALY? Thanks
A: U.s only. Sorry


ABC to the VCS Book Signed by Leonard Herman – This book is basically a directory of software for the Atari 2600. For those who don’t know Leonard Herman, he was an author who wrote two books; Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Video Games, and this one being featured. He was also a writer for Videogaming & Computer Illustrated, Games Magazine and Electronic Gaming Monthly. When’s the next time you’ll see a book of his signed?

Atari Cat Box Arcade testing System – The Atari Cat Box was a testing system that Atari sold to arcade vendors back in the 80’s to test their arcade games. How this works is that there’s an extra edge connector on the arcade motherboard, and when connected basically sends back reports if the arcade is encountering any problems. Seller says this includes the logic probe, test clip and manual. The unit passes self test, no further testing on the unit has been done.

Chase the Chuck Wagon Mint Atari 2600 – “This is an obvious Near Mint example that was probably never even played… was hard to remove from the box because the flaps were still crispy and had that new feeling.  Top copy!” hmmmmm….

Good luck!

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