Atari Donkey Kong Featured Statues 2

Life Size Fox McCloud Statue, Every Original Game Boy Framed and More!

Good morning! Time for some  interesting auctions and I have picked out some that are pretty unique.

First is this awesome Fox McCloud Life Size Statue from 1992! It’s reasonably priced and there’s no bidders yet. Seller says: “It came from Nintendo in Seattle WA in 1992….He is 4ft 7in tall made of plastic and has a black metal stand .It has no crack’s and the color is great…This would be great for any Nintendo collection…I’m not sure how many were made but there can’t be to many.

Other Auctions:
Mint Sega Retail Display Cabinet – Price isn’t too bad with a “best-offer“. Just imagine the how cool this cabinet would look if you display your collectibles in it. This reminds me of the Stuffed World of Nintendo Cabinet over at VideoGameMM.

Every Original Game Boy Framed! – I thought it was a neat idea. I mean auction is over-priced but I guess you need to pay the extra $900 for the idea :).
Relisted Donkey Kong JR. Program with added Bonus – Seller added a bunch of items including his Atari ID Badge which is within itself an awesome item to have, sellers Atari Employee Phone book and Posters. Really cool. There should be a best-offer for this stuff…

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Joseph
    Feb 08, 2011

    Wow, a Sega display cabinet? Never seen that before :/

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