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Life Size Plants Vs Zombies Halloween Decorations

Don’t have the time to buy/setup Halloween decorations? Well I have just the right auction for you! It’s for a complete customized Plants Vs Zombies Halloween display for your front yard! I’m pretty sure most of you know the game, but for those who don’t it was a downloadable game via Xbox Live. Obviously you had to pay for the download, but it was an instant success with gamers! Pop Cap games really did hit it big with this one even with it’s simple concept.

Seller cjkernal customaly made a complete set of life size Plants vs Zombies Halloween Decorations. Just check out the pictures below:

Life Size Plants VS Zombies Halloween Decorations

Life Size Plants VS Zombies Halloween Decorations

If this isn’t cool, than I wouldn’t know what else to throw at ya today :). It’s really a spectacular set, and you can appreciate the hard work put into creating each piece. Just imagine all the “time, material, glue, goodwill items, dollar store items, and hardware store trips” needed to get the entire project done. Instead of paraphrasing, I’ll just post the auctions description below. For $250 this is very well worth it. You can even use it as party decorations for your kids birthdays!

“Selling a complete set of life size Plants vs Zombies Halloween Decorations. $250 or best offer. These decorations were made by 3 families over 4 weekends, and are being use for some Halloween decorating competition on Sat Oct 22nd. After Oct 22nd, we were not planning on doing anything with the setup – someone can use it for their real Halloween. I included some of the pictures of the items below. Unfortunately, not all the items are shown (we made more things this last Sunday – I didn’t get a chance to photo them). Included in the items for sale are:

— 3 Zombies (life-size, made of rebar, clothes from goodwill. Bucket head, disco zombie, cone head, all 6′ tall, skeleton head from Michaels).
— 4 pea shooters (soccer ball attached to a bucket, on pvc, terracotta pot from Lowes, felt fabric)
— 4 sunflowers (6′ tall, felt fabric, on PVC)
— 2 mushrooms (round sled top, bucket bottom)
— 1 balloon zombie (not pictured, but he is really cool looking – 3′ long – fully dressed with spinner hat).
— 2 walnut rocks (paper bags)
— 1 cactus shooter (inflatable cactus)
— 2 flags (brain flag, sunflower flag – hard to see in picture)
— 8 white fence posts (to frame your setup)

— 1 potato bomb (red LED blinker, brown paper bags)

— 2 Plants vs Zombies banners (not pictured – they are getting worked this week – really cool 6′ by 4′ banners of the PVZ game splash screen, and PVZ bold title text)
— 1 PVZ soundtrack/mp3 with all the game sounds, crazy dave, end-of-game zombie song.”

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  • kenji
    Oct 21, 2011

    Lol this auction is just too funny. I really like it though lol

  • Melanie O
    Jan 06, 2012

    Are they still for sale??

  • Riku
    Jan 07, 2012

    Sorry Mel, auction already finished back in October. But when I checked it the auction didn’t expire yet. You could always shoot the seller an email inquiring about it. G/l

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