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Lifesize Mario Statue, Vintage Q*bert Duffle Bag, Gamecube Light Box Sign

I’ve always found it a bit funny when people try to sell life-sized statues or replicas on eBay.  They have decided that they don’t really want to have it hanging around anymore and realize that many collectors would very much like to have it. This creates a kind of push and pull for the seller on their price. They may ask for a lot of money because it’s such a large item, but at the same time; they really want to get it out of the house. Every time they have a visitor over and are asked, “You still haven’t sold that Mario statue yet?”, the price when relisted goes down a bit. lol

Lifesize Mario Statue – This auction ends today and soon. I would be interested in seeing the price difference once it’s relisted.

Darkstalkers 3 Figures Full Set – Each pack holds two figures.

Mass Effect SX3 Alliance Fighter Model – The seller has a bunch of these they are selling off. One has sold so far.

Ghostbusters Game Watch – The first bid has been made but there’s a reserve which hasn’t been reached. Couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I saw this.

Vintage Q*bert Duffle Bag – This is pretty cool. Not a pencil case or a backpack but a full size duffle bag! It’s in great condition too.

Odyssey 200 New in Box – In perfect shape. Never used.

Playstation Plastic Stand Sign – This sign is much smaller than it may look in the pictures but the bids are stacking up none the less.

Playstation “You are not ready” Cloth Banner – Nice early Playstation banner. It measures around 35×26.

Nintendo Gamecube Light Box Sign – Rather than set a buy it now price that nobody will go for, this sign is taking bids and will sell in a few days.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Kenji
    Mar 31, 2013

    That Q-bert bag is just awesome

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