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Lightrix – Video Game Art in a Backlit Lightbox

I happened to stumble upon this cool new idea on Etsy. Basically the seller has various video game screen shots place on a translucent film which is then placement on the lit backbox. It’s pretty ingenious if you ask me and makes a great addition in your game room.

I contacted the seller to find out more about these lit-picture frames and got a response saying:

“I recently set out to create some cool video game memorabilia to remind me of the good ol’ days and I thought about how cool it would be to print screenshots from games on a translucent film in a backlit lightbox and turn my favorite memories of old school game play into wall art!

They came out so nicely that I figured I should try and sell them because surely there are other gamers out there that would appreciate them as much as I did.”

Really neat idea. If you’re interested in purchasing one you can visit¬†the sellers Etsy Shop or the Official Lightrix Site. Seller also mentioned that they can do custom prints as well. Definitely the coolest find of the month!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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