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Limited and Special Edition Xbox Consoles

A recent submission from one of our readers got me thinking about all of the various special edition Xbox consoles that have popped up over the years. It’s a brilliant idea to bring in new buyers for the console if it’s packed with a big title but I’m amazed how many there are out there and how much they can go for on eBay. The first one for today which was sent over to us by PJ is far more interesting than the rest but all are worth checking out as the bids come in.

Xbox Live Decade of Entertainment Edition – This is a loyalty reward for 10 years of Xbox Live. The box has never been opened and bids have carried very high.

Modern Warfare 2 Edition – The console isn’t in the box but included in this auction are two controllers, wireless headset, and 11 games!

Modern Warfare 3 Edition – Holy crap, check out the story the seller has put down about why this is being sold. They sound so disappointed lol. Rotten kids…

Kinect Star Wars Edition – This is my favourite design out of all the limited consoles I’ve seen. Clearly more thought put into it.

Gears of War 3 Edition – Everything is included except the box. Bonus item: Max Panye 3

Halo 3 Edition – There’s a bit of damage to the box but nothing else should have any problems.

Halo 4 Edition – Crazy nice design on this one. Still new but the current top bid is around $200.

Halo Green Edition – Not a 360 but with the Halo consoles above, I felt this needed to be in here.

Resident Evil 5 Edition – The only limited console I have but not quite as flashy as the others above.

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