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Limited Chibiterasu Plush Key Chain with Preorder

It seems Capcom is making sure you preorder Okamiden™ for the DS with them since you’ll be receiving a limited Chibiterasu Plush Key Chain with your order! Capcom just added the option to preorder the DS game early this morning and it will be available on March 15th 2011.

The Chibiterasu Plush Key Chain is a Capcom’s Store Exclusive only, so you can’t get this anywhere else. Of course there is the Okamiden Collector’s Edition in Japan which has one of these cute Chibiterasu mini plush’s, but that’s just going a little overboard for just a key chain don’t you think?

Capcom stresses that quantities are extremely limited(don’t they have to in order for you to place an order? 🙂 ). The only other place you can own this furry little fellow is through their official Okami facebook page. Good luck to anyone who’ll go for this, but if you’re planning to get the game I’d go to Capcom’s online store. Aww…look how cute he is:

Chibiterasu Plush Key Chain

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