Everything Game Boy Hand Held Games Limited Edition

Limited Edition Game Boys – Famitsu 500 Model-F02, Tezuka Osamu Shop, Gold, Silver, and Others

Welcome to a list entirely dedicated to limited edition Game Boys! Some are complete, some are loose, and one has never been opened. They all come from various corners of the planet and every one of the auctions below are running on bids alone. This means you don’t have to deal with crazy buy it now prices; you just need to decide your limit. If the last bid is higher than your limit, someone else will claim it.

Good luck to the Game Boy collectors out there!

Game Boy Light Limited Clear Famitsu 500 Model-F02 Edition Complete

Game Boy Light Gold Complete

Game Boy Light Tezuka Osamu Artwork Edition Complete

Game Boy Pocket Hello Kitty Edition

Game Boy Light Silver

Game Boy Light Astro Boy Edition

Game Boy Color Limited Pokemon Edition Unopened

Game Boy Color Kiwi Green Edition Complete

Game Boy Light Gold

Game Boy Micro Purple Complete

Game Boy Color Atomic Purple

Game Boy Color Midnight Dark Blue Toys R Us Edition

Game Boy Color Dandelion Edition

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