Limited Halo Master Chief Gentle Giant Figure #1, Tron Big Fig Limited Statue, Vintage DK Pillow

Plenty of limited items listed here and some auctions are ending very soon. No need to distract too much with my two cents before I get to the auctions but I rarely get to highlight a numbered limited item with a serial of #1. Today I have the pleasure. 😉

Blizzard Employee Limited Orc Wolf Rider Statue – Never for sale and was limited to 2986. This auction is for #377 and it ends very soon.

Lara Croft Limited Snow Day Statue – This statue from Sideshow was limited to 500. This auction is for #388.

Limited Halo Master Chief Gentle Giant Figure #1 – Here it is… #1 of 600.

Tron Big Fig Limited Statue – This was limited to 150 but doesn’t seem to be numbered. Check out the seller’s explanation for the factory glue overflow.

Halo 3 Backpack – Cool print and was never used.

Super Mario NES Sign – About 2 days left for this sign and it will be going to the highest bidder.

Vintage Donkey Kong Pillow – I’m a bit too young to have ever had one of these when I was a kid but I can’t believe this would be easy to find.

Pac-Man Fever Button – $0.99

16 Promo Caps – Here’s a set of video game caps. Check out the pics in the auction for the titles.

Manhunt 2 Press Kit Envelope – Pretty cool promo letter with decal and bracelet.

Mortal Kombat Stickers Set 1 – Mixed messages here. The seller says, “New/unused” but also says, “opened and 1 of the original 4 stickers cut out”. Oh well…

Mortal Kombat Stickers Set 2 – Same as above but a different set.

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