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Limited Silent Hill Poster, Figure Collections, and Vinyl Banners

The posters and banners listed here today vary from uncommon to very rare. Every one of them is in great shape too. We also have a bunch of figures listed and most of the auctions are complete sets. If you’re a figure collector, you will find some great sets here you can check off your list. First, let’s start with some limited print posters…

Silent Hill “I’m Alone There Now…” Poster (Limited 300) – The complete title for this piece is “I’m Alone There Now, In Our Special Place, Waiting for You” and I’m sure every Silent Hill fan remembers those haunting words. A few offers have already been made.

Final Fantasy VII Store Poster – This poster showing the release date for Final Fantasy VII is in great condition. It’s double sided and the color is a deep as it was day one.

Space Channel 5 Figures, Complete Set – Unless you’re a fan of the games, you probably wouldn’t think of Space Channel 5 when thinking of figures based on video games. This auction is for the complete set of figures and the resin statue as well. All figures are sealed.

Resident Evil 1 Figures, Complete Set – The complete set, sealed of course, comes in 5 packs but there are actually 9 figures total.  The Tyrant figure was made so huge that it needed a blister pack unique from the rest.

Resident Evil 2 Figures, Complete Set – Another sealed complete set. This time, 7 packs containing 12 figures. Very cool stuff from my favorite in the series.

Metal Gear Solid Snake & Meryl Figures – Fairly common, but the price is decent. The box is still factory sealed.

Super Mario RPG Vinyl Banner – Vinyl banners sometimes be made in a cheap run which leaves them open to easy damage. If you make the winning bid, try not to roll and unroll the banner too often.

Mario Kart 64 Vinyl Banner – Another banner that is taking bids. This one comes with the shipping box and hanging instructions.

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