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Little Big Planet – Limited Figure & Accessories

There’s a new game genre that is slowly branching out that Little Big Planet developers call “Play, Create, Share”. This puts game design into the gamers’ hands and literally makes the game endless. Even Nintendo took a step in this direction with Wario Ware D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself). Well, here are some items from the title that started it all; Little Big Planet.

Limited 6″ Afro Sack Boy – I’m not sure how limited this item is, but there is very little available these days in terms of Little Big Planet collectibles.

Sack Boy Beach Towel – A beach towel featuring Sack Boy! Pretty cool stuff.

Sack Boy Wrist Band – This would be for the hardcore fans as far as wearing it goes lol.

Metal Pins (Set of Two) – Pins are a classic collectible for gaming. I’m glad to see it hasn’t disappeared.

Sack Boy Metal Keychain – There are devoted level creators out there in the world with this very keychain in their pocket at this very moment.

Sack Boy Cell Phone Charm – With this, every time you grab your cell, people will know you’re a gamer.

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