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Little Samson Factory Sealed

After showcasing the Little Samson Demo some days ago this pops up on eBay. It’s the Little Samson Game factory sealed and the bidding is already up to $1000 after being listed last night. Forget the fact that this is for a rare NES game; just take a look at how mint the game is, literally. It’s so crisp with no faults anywhere! Even the plastic looks like it just came out of the factory. A very impressive auction I must say. The seller made it clear in his auction that he will not take it off eBay which means no offers.

An NES game brand new in this condition compliments the rarity of Little Samson nicely, and I’m thinking that maybe the seller should have sent the game to Video Game Authority? Isn’t that the new way of collecting sealed games today? Well, I predict that we will have investors tracking this auction closely to see if it’s worth it to buy the game, get it graded, and resell the game. That’s really what is comes down to, and we’ve already seen it with the Stadium Events game that was bought(22k), graded, and relisted. By all means, there is nothing wrong with doing that and this is a fact of life(buy/resell). But I’d like to say this, that collectors are aware of what gets bought for resale. In my opinion the item doesn’t become as attractive when I find out it was previously bought by the seller just to resell.

Anyways, this game will not stay at $1000, I can guarantee it. If the regular games complete go for $450-$500 who knows what this auction is capable of bringing in. A nice auction to follow so bookmark it and keep track! It should be a good one.


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  • Kenji
    Jun 17, 2011


  • Joseph
    Jun 17, 2011

    No wonder these go for so much, this game is one of the best on the NES!

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