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Long Live LucasArts – Games, Shirts and Promos!

Although LucasArts is nothing more than just a good memory for us retro gamers, we can always appreciate the great games that came from them. Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion refers to the company as “Lucasfilm Games(tm)”. The reason is because he joined the company when they were called LF, not LA. To me growing up they will always be both: LucasArts/LucasFilm. Great games came from both of these names and even though the brilliant minds were working under Lucas Flim at the time, other great games like Full Throttle, The Dig, and Grim Fandango came from LucasArts.

I thought it would be neat to create a post consisting of only LucasFilm/LucasArts auctions. One of the cooler items up on auction is this AWESOME Day of the Tentacle Original T-Shirt Promo. It’s in great condition and to be honest with you, I’ve never seen one before! The current bid is at $19.99 and it would b a steal if the auction ended at that price. Time from some of you old school gamers to start bidding on items like this because now is the time that some collectors will want to make a profit and sell of some of these unique and very hard to find collectibles.

Below are more auctions I stumbled upon:

LucasFilm / LucasArts Auctions:
LucasArts Day Of The Tentacle / Sam & Max Combo MAC Big Box Games PC SEALED
FACTORY SEALED Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 5.25″ disks LucasArts
Afterlife (LucasArts Macintosh, 1997) The Last Word In Sims
1990 LUCASFILM Fan Club Magazine #12-MANIAC MANSION
Escape from Monkey Island – Magnet Character Set from LucasArts
Grim Fandango T SHIRT
Super Rare Original Day of The Tentacle Triangle box 1993 LucusArts

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