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Long live Playstation!

I have some really nice Playstation auctions on display today. Some are common, some are over priced but some are just cool. For those who bought(or parents bought) every new console that came out, no matter how rare or common, knew that at the time Playsation came out there were only a few consoles that could compete. They had some of the most unique games. Twisted Metal was mind blowing, how can they make such a cool, fast, violent and different game? It was Mario Kart on steroids. The PlayStation game stations are custom made just for the record…

Let’s Begin:

PlayStation 2 PS Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Limited. Woah… a little over priced.

SONY PLAYSTATION PROGRAMMER TOOL DTL-S2170 DEV RUNTIME. Scratced up, you can tell it’s been used a lot.

709 PLAYSTATION 1 GAME COLLECTION, 237 SEALED! AMAZING!. WOW what a lot! 709 games, 237 sealed!

NBA Live 06 PlayStation 2, 2005 Sealed Mint Condition. I don’t know if I should feel bad for the seller or confused? There are actually 4 offers!!? Probably joke offers…

Suikoden II, New Sealed PS1 VGA 85+. What a beauty. One of the most interesting RPG’s ever made!

LUNAR Silver Star Story GHALEON Punch Puppet NEW Sealed. Wow… I bought mine for $10. I’ve seen them sell as high as $25 and as low as $5. I think this one as special powers.

Namco Museum Encore (Limited Edition) PS1 Complete NM!. Very nice import, mint.

In store display kiosk Sony Playstation 2 ps2 psx. From one garage to another…. good price though at $70.

Playstation PSX in-store KIOSK Retail Display RARE. Is that a computer screen?

Men’s Nike Playstation shoes size 8-9 GUC. Wear these to the club and be certain you’ll impress the ladies. Take the dance floor and let the shoes do the rest.

RARE PLAYSTATION 2 Pullover 1/4 zip JACKET-Men’s M-PS2. At $5 you can’t complain.

XBOX, Playstation 3, Wii Gaming Center Display Stand. Seller’s got 10 of these?

XBOX, Playstation 3, Wii Gaming Display Tower Stand. I’ve seen these at Best Buy… holy smokes the seller already sold 5 of these?!?!?

NEW PlayStation 2 System Carrying Case- PS2, official. Looking for a schoolbag? Look no further… go to school in style.

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