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If you take a step back from the world of video game collectibles, you have to eventually realize that this buy-and-sell pit of insanity would never exist if it weren’t for the games that came first. This post today is for the gamer over the collector. True, a passion for gaming can take shape in owning a limited statue or obscure game, but do we not all… game? The games themselves do not need the fancy boxes they came with to be playable. Loose game lots on eBay can be gold mines for gamers looking into playing a system new to their experience. If you do not own any title at all in the following game libraries and hope to play the games available, these auctions are for you.

Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Advance holds an enormous list of titles due to it’s hardware which is easy to make games for. Look it up online for proof… the number of games made for GBA is staggering. This makes the following auction absolutely fantastic. Think that the GBA is very similar in visuals to SNES and then compare prices of GBA games to SNES. The winner of this auction will have months (if not years) of gaming ahead of them.


The NES holds a great collection of console classics and many of the classic gamers of that age have lost their once proud collections. If you are one of the many that wish they could take back the collection of NES games you once had, the following auction is a great start. Keep in mind that the fun is in the game and not the box. Manuals? Well, you can check around online for that. Your renewed NES collection begins today…



PS1 games were made in great quantities for many titles because CD games were much easier to make compared to cart games. For many of a younger gaming generation, the Playstation was the original classic system. While the once new and now primitive 3-D graphics may be the definition of middle-ground in the changing world of gaming that lead to what games are today, there are still dozens of games in the PS1 collection that have no equal. The following auctions are all for loose disc only games. The gaming value vastly out-weighs the price.

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