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Lost Levels Mario Maniac Patch With Congratulations Letter, Punch-Out!! Gold Cart With Manual

One thing better than give-aways and promos that are hard to come by and don’t cost a cent are contest prizes. These are far more interesting in my opinion and I find it difficult to understand why any winners of these items would sell them off. On the other hand, once the original owner has parted ways and the collectible has entered the collector’s market and starts trading hands… to bad for them and all the more for us! Check out this first item. It’s a patch awarded to winners of the Super Mario All-Stars Nintendo Power World 9 Challenge! The auction below includes the patch itself and this original letter of congratulations…

Lost Levels Mario Maniac Patch Letter

Lost Levels Mario Maniac Patch With Congratulations Letter

More for today!

Gold Punch-Out!! Cart with Manual – Another contest prize from the past and the original manual is included.

Gold Punch-Out!! Cart – Same as above but only the cart in this auction.

Panic Restaurant NES Complete

PAX Prime 2011 Winner’s Medal – A prize for winning a… uhh… pipe cleaner bending contest…

ID Anthology Collector’s Edition – Limited to 10,000

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Clavats E3 Promo Pin

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Lilties E3 Promo Pin

Nintendo 64 Mario 64 Console Case – Looks like a Pokemon sticker was stuck to the front at some point. Some careful removal would return this case to great condition.

Sega Dreamcast Business Card Holder – No business cards inside but still pretty cool.

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