Lots of Cool Vintage Super Mario and Nintendo Auctions!

Boy oh boy, did I stumble upon a bunch of cool Nintendo auctions or what? There’s a lot of cool vintage Mario stickers; the type you would get from vending machines as well as some cool Mario and Zelda toys.

There’s some unofficial items in this list today as well, but not many (ex: the Legend of Zelda beanie).


Video Game Auctions:
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Stain Glass Black Knit Cuff Beanie
RARE Vintage Nintendo Mario Sweatshirt 1992 Nintendo of America SNES Promo Store
Official Legend of Zelda sticker 1990
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Cowboy
Super Mario bros vintage Jap 1985 Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool figure set – incredibly rare, but not sure what to think of price.
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Avoid The Gotcha
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros i`m a Nintendo star
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Help Me Find The Princess
Official sticker 1990 NINTENDO
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Tic Tac Toe
Official sticker 1990 Mario Bros Castle
Bitcoin 1oz Gold Plated Collectible Coin BTC – not really vg related, but still cool lol
1969 Nintendo Dice Game Rare
Extremely Rare 1988 NINTENDO OF AMERICA Super Mario & Legend of Zelda YO YO
Set of 5 Sony Playstation Promo Gift Wrapping Paper Mod Nation Eyepet Gran Turis
The legend of zelda 64 collectable pocket watch
Good Smile Company Kirby’s Dream Land Kirby nendoroid Action-Figure
CS GO Collectors Coin 2015 Limited Edition 24k Gold Plated – damn this is a pretty sweet Counter Strike coin!
Gears of War Adam Fenix Medal in Box – I remember these were selling above $200 at one point in time!

Good luck!

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