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One of my favorite video game companies is LucasArts! I’m sure many of you are on the same boat after playing games like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. It’s just too bad that most of the games had no collectibles…..or so I thought. I emailed the seller of the auctions and he assured me that there were MANY promo items for LucasArt games! I’ll list them below for VGA’s database.

LucasArts Sealed GameLucasArts Sealed Game

LucasArts Sealed GameLucasArts Sealed Game

Moving onto my findings, eBay seller jacuziki from Finland has a bunch of brand new games from LucasArts!LucasArts LogoNow sealed games isn’t my specialty and I don’t really find the need to post sealed games. I originally wrote here that there is virtually no collector items for LucasArts except for sealed games. However, I am wrong. The seller emailed me saying that there’s a bunch of promo items for LucasArts. Here’s what he said:

“There is a lot of promo items for Lucasarts adventure games including clothes:
Zak: Nose&Glasses
Indy last crusade: phone card
Sam & Max: floating pen, shelf add, pins
Indy FoA: promo newspaper
Day of the Tentacle: magnet
Full Throttle: Bandana, soundtrack, keychain, hangind ad
The Dig: Soundtrack, Novel, Pin, Compass, Audio Book, Survivor kit (includes astronaut ice cream etc), pen light.
Curse of Monkey Island: compass
Grim Fandango: push toy, soundtrack
Escape From Monkey Island: promo grog bottle (authentic alcohol in it), drink coaster, magnetic puzzle”

Interesting! I knew there were some clothes for the games, but not the rest! It’s funny because I bought so many of these games and never received anything, or even seen anything on eBay apart from LucasArts “Star Wars” game franchise. I’ll definitely keep a watch for some of these items in the future(especially the Curse of Monkey Island compass!). Thanks jacuziki!

So here’s the list of games I thought were cool, but the seller has more in his “ebay world” so check it out. Mind you, the games are expensive…

LucasArts Sealed Games
LucasartsThe Dig Promo – Seller says this is the insanely rare Lucasarts employee only (not for resale) promo box.

Lucasarts Escape From Monkey Island Signature box – This is the rare preorder version of the game, which is why it’s so expensive.
Lucasarts Zak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders – Factory sealed US-release for c64

Lucasarts Nightshift
Lucasarts Maniac Mansion C64 – rarest of the bunch
Lucasarts Maniac Mansion Atari ST
Lucasarts Maniac Mansion US C64
Lucasarts Maniac Mansion NES – for you NES collectors

Lucasarts Loom MAC
Labyrinth C64 – This game was based from the 80’s movie starring David Bowie

Now ‘m shocked that the Indiana Jones LucasArts Sealed Game Lot sold yesterday for $450!! It was every Indiana Jones game that was released from L.A.

Here’s a clip from Indiana Jones “Fate of Atlantis”. One of my favorite point-click games of all times. The backdoor bouncer will always be classic, except I never knew you can talk your way in instead of fighting 😳 :

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  • Kenji
    Oct 10, 2010

    #$%^*@! crazy collection everytime I look at it… impressive someone in this tiny little planet we call earth actually thought up to have a collection like this.

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